Forschungsbericht 2017

Wirksamkeit aktivierender Lehr/Lern-Methoden in der Mechanik

Institut: G-4
Projektleitung: Christian Kautz
Mitarbeiter/innen: Julie Direnga
Laufzeit: 01.03.2014 — 31.12.2018



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  • Direnga, J., Timmermann, D., Lund, J., & Kautz, C.: Design and Application of Self-Generated Identification Codes (SGICs) for Matching Longitudinal Data. Proceedings of the 44th SEFI Annual Conference, 2016.
  • Direnga, J., Timmermann, D., Presentati, B., Brose, A., & Kautz, C: Do students spend more time on difficult questions? Analysis of item response time versus correctness in the SCI/CATS. Research in Engineering Education Symposium 2015 (REES2015), 2015.
  • Direnga, J., Presentati, B., Timmermann, D., Brose, A., & Kautz, C.: Does it stick? - Investigating long-term retention of conceptual knowledge in mechanics instruction. Proceedings of the 122nd ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, 2015.
  • Direnga, J., Timmermann, D., Kieckhäfer, F., & Kautz, C.: Refining the WLR: Quantifying the difference in learning success between courses. Research in Engineering Education Symposium 2017, 2017.